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Choosing plants for your swimming pool area can be a challenge Ė youíll need to know the messiness level and safety value of the varieties you are considering. Remember, plants that shed profusely will dump material into your pool, and this is a problem if the flowers and leaves are small enough to pass through the poolís filter. Also, keep in mind the physical characteristics of the foliage, you donít want sharp or thorny plants that can injure pool users. Aside from those requirements, always select the plants that you find most aesthetically pleasing! Listed here are many varieties that could work well around your pool:

Trees and shrubs

Botanical Name

Common Name

Aucuba japonica

Japanese aucuba

Bauhinia blakeana

Hong Kong orchid tree


Angelís trumpet


Cocculus laurifolius


Cycas revoluta†

Sago palm


Eriobotrya deflexa

Bronze loquat

Fatsia japonica

Japanese aralia

Feijoa, Pineapple Guava

Ferns (tree types)

Geijera parviflora

Australian willow

Hydrangea macrophylla

Bigleaf hydrangea






Palms (some)

Pittosporum tobira ĎWheelerís Dwarfí




Stenocarpus sinuatus

Firewheel tree

Tabebuia chrysotricha

Golden trumpet tree

Viburnum davidii


Botanical Name

Common Name



Monstera deliciosa

Split-leaf philodendron

Solandra maxima

Cup-of-gold vine


Botanical Name

Common Name




Agave attenuata


Alstroemeria (evergreen types)


Kangaroo paw

Artemisia ĎPowis Castleí

Aspidistra elatior

Cast-iron plant


Carex (many)


Colocasia esculenta



Craspedia globosa




Fortnight lily




Ginger lily

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Hesperaloe parviflora

Red yucca


Red-hot poker

Limonium perezii


Lily turf

Miscanthus sinensis


Philodendron (treelike types)