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·         Possible Cause # 1:  over/under watering

Watering is the common sense answer.  When over watered the root system is too flooded to absorb the necessary nutrients from the soil.

 Imagine your feet being soaked in water for hours or days what would happen.  The same thing is suffered by plant roots that are super saturated.

·         Solution #1: The opposite

If you’re not watering your plants then they will die.  Check the soil to see how wet/dry it is. Then water or do not water. If your sprinkler system comes on three times a day or for hours at a time it might be too much.


·         Possible Cause #2: Mineral Deficiency in the soil

The area you plant is very important to the life and growth of it. If the soil doesn’t have enough nutrients the roots have nothing to absorb to turn to chlorophyll (Combined with sunshine, makes the leaves turn green.)

·         Solution #2: Feed the plant

Get nutrients by finding out what type of plant and climate it thrives in.  Generally your hardware stores will give good advice and fertilize appropriately.


·         Possible Cause #3: Damaged or compact root system

Compact soil will not let the roots get the air it needs to develop. Damaged roots, depending on how damaged, will not absorb the needed amount of nutrients needed.

·         Solution #3:  Dig up and Repair

This is the most dangerous solution as it requires you pulling up the plant. If the roots aren’t too damaged you can loosen the soil around the roots being sure to damage them as little as possible and replanting.



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