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Phormiums come in 1, 5, and 15 gallon sizes, based on variety.

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Color / Sizing

Phormium Amazing Red

dark reddish brown, 2 1/2 to 3 ft. tall

Phormium Apricot Queen

light yellow with green margins, 2 1/2 to 3 ft. tall, 4-5 ft. wide

Phormium Atropurpureum

reddish purple, 6 to 8 ft. tall, 4 ft. wide

Phormium Bronze Baby

deep reddish brown to deep bronze with narrow orange edges, 3 ft. tall and wide

Phormium c. Cream Delight

tri-color creamy yellow with green margins edged in dark red, 1-2 ft. tall

Phormium Carousel

tri-color reddish tones, 2 1/2 ft. tall, 2 1/2 ft. wide

Phormium Chocolate

rich brown, 4-5 ft. high and wide

Phormium Cookianum

medium green, usually pinkish at base, 4-5 ft high, 8-10 ft. wide

Phormium Coordination

dark green with bronze green center, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 ft. tall

Phormium Dark Delight

dark reddish brown, 3-4 ft. high, 6-8 ft. wide

Phormium 'Duet'

lime green with yellow stripes, 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 ft. tall and wide

Phormium Dusky Chief

wine red with coral edges, 6 ft. high and wide

Phormium Gold Wings

olive-green with yellow margins, 2-3 ft. tall

Phormium Green Surfer

green with bronze margin, 1 1/2 ft. tall

Phormium Jack Spratt

reddish brown, 1 1/2 ft. high and wide

Phormium L. Radiance

reddish orange, 4-5 ft. tall

Phormium Lancer Terracotta

orange-red, with green and yellow, 3-4 ft. tall and wide

Phormium Maori Chief

green with rosy edges, 6 ft. tall, 6-8 ft. wide

Phormium Maori Maiden

Salmon pink with narrow olive green stripes, 3-4 ft. tall, 4-6 ft. wide

Phormium Maori Queen

olive green with pinkish-red margins, 4 ft. tall

Phormium Maori Sunrise

striped bronzy green with pinkish orange to cream base color, 3 ft. high, 5-6 ft. wide

Phormium Misty Cream

yellow, pink and brown, 4-5ft. Tall

Phormium Pink Panther

rich pink with dark red margins, 2-2 1/2 ft. tall and wide

Phormium Pink Stripe

gray-green with purplish tinge & bright pink margin, 4-5 ft. high and wide

Phormium Platts Black

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dark burgundy to black, 2-3 ft. tall and wide

Phormium Rainbow Warrior

dark salmon, fades to cream with age, 3-4 ft. tall, 4-6 ft. wide

Phormium Red Edge

green with red margins, 3 ft. tall

Phormium Red Heart

light red with light green edges, 3 ft. tall, 4-6 ft. wide

Phormium Red Sword

Phormium Sea Jade

Maroon to bronze with with lime green margins, 4-5 ft. tall, 5-6 ft. wide

Phormium Shirazz

deep wine red, 4-5 ft tall

Phormium Special red

purple-red, 3-4 ft. tall

Phormium Sundowner

Olive or bronzy green with pinkish red edges, 5-6 ft. tall, 6-8 ft. wide

Phormium t Flamingo

striped bronzy green with pinkish orange to cream base color, 3 ft. high, 5-6 ft. wide

Phormium t Rubrum

purplish or brownish red, 6-8 ft. tall and wide

Phormium t. Bronze

purplish or brownish red, 6-8 ft. tall and wide

Phormium t. rubrum dwarf

purplish or brownish red, 2-3 ft. tall

Phormium tenax

bronzy green, 6-8 ft. tall

Phormium Thumbelina

purplish bronze, 1 1/2 ft. tall

Phormium Tom Thumb

green with red-bronze margins, 2-3 ft. high and wide

Phormium Tricolor

green with yellow stripes and red margin, 3-4 ft. tall and wide

Phormium Yellow Wave

yellow with lime green margins, 4-5 ft. high, 5-7 ft. wide

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