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á á Cistus

commonly known as Rockrose, many varieties, showy spring flowers, fast growing and versatile, tolerant of ocean wind and salt spray, as-well-as desert heat.

convolvulus á Convolvulus

shrub, funnel-shaped flowers like morning glory, does well on banks with quick drainage.

á Coprosma

commonly known as Mirror plant, shrub or ground cover, shiny and glossy foliage, very easy to maintain.

cordyline á á Cordyline

palmlike shrub or tree, swordlike leaves, does well next to swimming pools, partial shade preferred depending on variety.

dasylirion á á Dasylirion

commonly known as Sotol, shrub with á clumps of narrow spiky, grassy leaves, produce a slender spike with tiny flowers clustered on the tail.

fescue á á Festuca

commonly known as Fescue, many varieties of grasses, used for erosion control and foliage effect.

grevillea á á Grevillea

many varieties, shrub or tree form, have fine textured foliage, slender curved flowers in dense clusters, sensitive to high levels of salt or phosphorus in soil.

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