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commonly known as Rockrose, many varieties, showy spring flowers, fast growing and versatile, tolerant of ocean wind and salt spray, as-well-as desert heat.

convolvulus   Convolvulus

shrub, funnel-shaped flowers like morning glory, does well on banks with quick drainage.


commonly known as Mirror plant, shrub or ground cover, shiny and glossy foliage, very easy to maintain.

cordyline     Cordyline

palmlike shrub or tree, swordlike leaves, does well next to swimming pools, partial shade preferred depending on variety.

dasylirion     Dasylirion

commonly known as Sotol, shrub with   clumps of narrow spiky, grassy leaves, produce a slender spike with tiny flowers clustered on the tail.

fescue     Festuca

commonly known as Fescue, many varieties of grasses, used for erosion control and foliage effect.

grevillea     Grevillea

many varieties, shrub or tree form, have fine textured foliage, slender curved flowers in dense clusters, sensitive to high levels of salt or phosphorus in soil.

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